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What are my paper options when printing? 


Archival pigment printing is a printmaking process incorporating refined pigments that are resilient to the environmental elements that commonly shorten the life of a print. The process assists in pigment prints retaining their color for a longer period of time, as the pigment will not fade.


Fine art papers typically offer the greatest archival stability compared to glossier papers. Fine art papers are often thicker and heavier than plain matte papers, with a variety of surface textures including smooth, satin, velvet and watercolor. As a rule, they are more expensive than regular matte papers.

Fine art paper is also available with a torn edge. This is great for floating a print in a frame.

Luster papers are the best choice when you want an economical paper with the smoothest surface and the best photographic output. Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper is one of the most popular choices. This paper produces vivid, lifelike images.


Plexi Mounting offers a modern sleek look and gives the print the illusion of floating. Plexi, a type of acrylic, is face mounted to the chromogenic print. Plexiglass is generally a very durable material, that will not crack and break as heavy glass does. It is lighter and safer. For caring and cleaning, do not use sprays specific for glass or dry cloths as they will damage the acrylic surface. Plexi prints are 'wall-ready' and do not need framing. 

We recommend printing on plexi when you don't want the look of a framed image. We especially love plexi printing when an image has a lot of black or black background, as it is very reflective, and gives a very rich look. 


What kind of frames/borders do you recommend?

We recommend white gallery frames. We particularly like to use a white border instead of a mat in gallery framing. We can assist you with framing as well. 


What exact dimensions will my print be?

We follow the original aspect ratio of the print. Exact dimensions won't be, for example, 30x40 - but will be closer to 28x40.